Thursday, 14 October 2010

The dreaded "RED X"

So I was using skype and certain images were not loading, instead the "Red X" image that is a Internet Explorer feature was appearing, I couldn't figure it out, despite searching the net: many keyword searches and the skype help site. The problem was exacerbated when I added the new Facebook addon to skype and again some images were not loading.

Images were fine in Opera, chrome and firefox - the 3 browsers I use at different times.

So I checked IE (never use it - horrible program) and certain images there had the same "Red X" - the same as skype - seems skype and IE are closely connected. In skype you can't right click the images to see the properties so I couldn't analyze which images weren't not loading -skype being a relatively basic coded program. IE however told me that those images were .PNG files.  Both IE and Skype were having issues with PNG - other programs were fine.

I found this info and a fix on windowshelponline for PNG issues in IE and it works for Skype.....

This problem may be seen after installing a third-party application, which may have altered the file class and MIME settings for the PNG file type. To resolve the problem, use these steps:

  • Download and save it to the Desktop.
  • Unzip and extract the two files (pngasso_xp.reg and pngasso_vista.reg) to the Desktop.
  • If you're using Windows XP, right-click pngasso_xp.reg and choose Merge. If you're using Windows Vista, right-click pngasso_vista.reg and choose Merge. Click Yes to confirm the merge operation. Additionally, in Windows Vista, you'll have to click Continue when you see the User Account Control elevation dialog

Did that, closed both programs restarted and voila - all was well in the world again.